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What Happens When You Coddle a Child?

By Janise Johnson, Virginia State University

Do they still aspire to be the greatest versions of themselves?

Do they make intentional or emotional decisions?

Do they mature as fast as a child who isn’t coddled?

Can they navigate the world easily?

Adjust to difficult situations with faith and determination?

What happens when you coddle a child?

Are you handicapping the child?

Are you forcing them to rely on you and less on themselves?

Are you doing a disservice to both you and the child?

Are you responsible for their lack of confidence and self-esteem?

What happens when you coddle a child?

Is their inner for them work much more difficult?

Is their decision-making well thought out?

Do they challenge the system, themselves, or go against all that don’t agree?

Are their reactions to disappointments emotionally immature?

What happens to that child?

What happens to the community the child lives in?

Prosperous or dangerous?

You know the statistics

You know the facts of your parenting

Now how do you help fix your child?

About the Author

Janise Johnson, Virginia State University

Janise Johnson is a senior transfer student and Creative Writing major and Virginia State University. She is an Army veteran, a mother, a grandmother, and a retired federal employee. She is also a business owner and has written the first edition of her monthly newsletter, “The Black Veteran.”

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