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No Vacancy

By Shamia Thompson, Virginia State University

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every time I reserve myself for you

you evince me

the emptiness I undergo while I sleep

knowing you were supposed to come

but you’re not here

you just disappear

and then reappear put the blue

i am getting so sick and tired you

the bitterness in my veins reminds me of the little girl

that never got picked

that her father said he was coming but never did

like that scene from ratatouille

flashback to my childhood but it’s not happy

you do not heal my inner child

you disturb her

you trigger her

you remind her that she has nobody

you remind her that she is only used for her body

she wants to feel loved

you don’t have that for her

so why stay around?

do you know how horrible you have to be to love somebody that you don’t love?

be real!

there are no tears for you here

you hurt me too many times for me to cry

i’ve been trying to say goodbye

but you stay

and that’s what I thought I needed

but you stay for your convenience

because I gave you the all access pass

it’s expiring soon you have to choose.

About the Author

Shamia Thompson, Virginia State University

Shamia Thompson is a rising senior English major from Brooklyn, New York. Writing has been her safe haven since her adolescent years. She has been writing poetry and non-fiction most of her life but has been interested in writing fiction, lately, as well. After graduation she aspires to become an immigration lawyer and work as a proofreader in the publishing industry.

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