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In a Cemetery

By Mystique Meredith, Virginia State University

In a cemetery, worlds join together, and nature stands still

like celestial bodies colliding in the infinite night sky,

twisting, turning, wrapping themselves in pure bliss,

kissing, grinding flesh to flesh,

trying to reach a state of endless ecstasy.

Moans, grunts, screams, shouts—

something so animalistic emitting from humans—

pulling, scratching, biting, clawing,

grasping at the immense pleasure to come.

Almost almost almost almost—

Blinding white light covers the mass of flesh

falling limp so afterwards, heavy breathing

are the sounds only heard and the smell: sweat and post-climax

they open their eyes and smile, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

They reached Nirvana

and it was beautiful.

About the Author

Mystique Meredith, Virginia State University

Mystique Meredith is an English and Creative Writing major at Virginia State University. Born and raised in Ettrick, Virginia, Mystique is all about diving into different worlds through reading, writing, anime, video games, and comic books. As a fat, Black, fem, nonbinary bisexual person, they pour their heart into creating diverse and inclusive fiction across all genres, from fantasy to cyberpunk, and they invite you to journey to new worlds together!

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