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G Warrior Prologue

by Sydney Yao

Fiction Winner, 2017 VSU Student Writing Contest

The giant shooting star was as bright as the morning sun, falling through the sky like a comet. Then we all heard a loud crash. The sky turned red, the ground shook in result of massive earthquakes, tides washing away everything in its path… everything was falling. What I saw, was giant dragon with a human head. It stood up on its hind legs and bellowed a mighty roar to the heavens. The roar was so great it created whirlwinds and summoned lightning. I couldn’t believe my eyes at what I had just witnessed! I was in awe the giant beast collapsing, letting out one last breath before everything became quiet. I had to struggle to get my leg out of some debris from what was once my home. I went to look for my mother and father, I called them out in order. “Ma, Pa, Melina! Where are you?!” Sadly, there was no answer. I had lost everything. All I could feel was sadness and rage. So, with my broken leg, I walked into the crater that the beast made and limped towards it. I was in disbelief. It was mechanical! Before I could catch my breath, I climbed up its arm to look at the dragon’s face. It was awe-inspiring. It was mesmerizing! It looked like something I would see in Chinese stories and myths, I touched what looked like a jewel and the dragon’s eyes opened, glowing golden yellow. Its mouth opened wide and it inhaled deeply, pulling me into its mouth and swallowing me whole.

I thought I was dead when I came to see what looked like a control panel. It was shocking to see something like this inside the belly of a beast. I accidentally touched something and giant tubes came down and connected to my body, extracting some of my blood. Looking back at it I guessed that it sampled my DNA. Somehow, it began to speak to me. It asked me my name, my age, and what planet this was. I answered politely.

It thanked me and told me that itself and I were one in the same now, and that it used a copy of my brain cells to talk to me. It told me that I could go, and that’s what I did. I told the machine that someday I hoped we would meet again. After that I was rescued by some military police officer that put me into an ambulance, and I began to lose consciousness. I would never see the dragon again. Or at least that’s what I thought.

A few years have passed, and multiple meteors, at least five, crashed down onto the earth. Unleashing to be known as the earth one and only enemies, the Angeloids. These beings attack whatever they saw destroying mountains and cities in a matter of minutes. The military forces of each respective attacked nation fought bravely against these mysterious beings. The first Angeloid was finally taken down but eight cities and towns were obliterated in their wake. Hundreds of thousands of people fell victim to these beasts. Then the next meteor hatched, and the second Angeloid awakened. Each time one died, another meteor crashed to the planet earth. The first attack became a historic day and was memorialized. We needed to fight back with the help of the information we got from the dragon that crashed. We’ve created our own perfect line of defense, the Mechagiants. Used a mysterious, new tech called the surge. This strange program sends your mind into a void of nothingness, and generates a power called surgical energy into your body pumping it constantly like a human heart, to power the machine. Nonetheless it wasn’t all gumdrops and rainbows. The program puts an extreme amount of strain on the body. The longer you stay connected to the void, or the faster you make the machine pump energy into your body, the machine creates a traumatic effect on your body, and nervous system, that can cause Sudden Brain Death or S.B.D for short.

Who knew the real ending was soon to come? The end of the world.

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