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Psychedelic Cinnabon

By TiShay Ferrell

Short Fiction Winner, 2021 VSU Student Writing Contest

It’s tug of war between my sweet tooth and I sometimes. Most of the time I lose but hey, it is what it is. Satisfaction matters. Whether it’s been cinnamon oatmeal, cereal, or snacks, I’ve always had it in a close proximity. Sometimes I kept my cinnamon snacks under my bed but PLEASE don’t tell my mom. Looking back, I’m beginning to think that I may have, and still have, a minor case of addiction but again, it is what it is. Every time I eat something with cinnamon, I look forward to that one bite that makes me say “damn, this is why I bought this”. Little did I know, on this day, I ran into the ultimate Cinnabon.

My journey to Earth began in another dimension, as did yours, but you may be unaware of that. Where I came from, the Sun and Moon were a Cinnabon there. Mother and Father Cinnabon kept the sky lit during the day and night. I remember seeing families of them, probably mini Cinnabon stars, float graciously throughout the atmosphere day and night. None were identical. They consisted of different sizes and flavors and textures in this galaxy. I’m pretty sure they’d be called clouds or stars here on Earth though. When I became an inhabitant on Earth it was almost like a reunion when I found them again. While I didn’t see them as often as I used to, they did make appearances here and there to assure me of their guidance.

Great things take time, they say. It took me 20 years to find the Ultimate Cinnabon. I met a genie, whose name is Master Cinnabon, who took me under his wing. He had the answers to the questions I carried around in my mental suitcase for a good portion of my life. He reintroduced Me to Myself through a series of meditations, nature walks, reading lessons, Cinnabon diets and keys to the Universe that would allow me to vibrate higher than I had been used to. He helped me decalcify my penial gland or third eye. Once that’s opened, life will never be the same. Colors became vivid, people appeared stranger, and driving became harder as we became one with the Universe and its many Cinnabons. Nothing was normal at this point. He revealed to me that I had ingested a Cinnabon spiked with Psilocybin but by now I was already in the cosmic web of Cinnabon’s so, you’ll have to hear the rest of the story when I return.

About the Author

TiShay Ferrell, Virginia State University

TiShay Ferrell is a senior English major at Virginia State University. He is is intrinsically motivated to express himself through his writing. His fluidity allows him to dance with grace in any genre he chooses. With this newfound gift, he envisions himself connecting with anyone who’s able to read.

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