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Who and What Gave You the Right

by Tedria Smith

Who told you to claim my body? You tower over me with your masculinity Taking control.

Does no not mean no to you? You’re only doing this because you have power Your position in society has empowered you to do wrong.

Do you not hear the cry of help? It’s written on my face Dressed in tears

Here’s what I don’t understand How could you ruin me or another woman? Would you ruin your mother they way you have ruined me? Would you make her feel paralyzed from the neck down the way I feel?

Yall don’t listen Yall hard of hearing And quite frankly just don’t care?

You must hear yes in your head all the time You must find pleasure in sexual assault I hope you end up in that jail cell I hope you are silenced the way you have silenced me I hope you feel shame, the same way I blamed myself for what happened.

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