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Coming of Age as a Black Woman

By Talya Johnson

20 will always be a memorable age

It has taught me the deeper meaning of self-love, self-worth, and how I see myself. Through this journey as a black woman it has been uncomfortable

I have loved, lost a few friends, and even rediscovered myself along the way, but through it all, I’ve learned to love myself more unconditionally.

You do not get your twenties back so why sulk in them? It's time to be alive. I do not have it all figured out, but through pain, confusion, and discomfort on this journey it has been a shield of light in the true beauty ahead of me.

A few bumps in the road do not define you; each day is turning leaf for something new. You can’t be fearful of the life you live; you take life challenges and

you choose to build something out of it.

I have found peace and that was not always easy, but change is good.

When you learn to heal your traumas and thoughts

you once hid away you come out blossoming.

To be free; carefree if you like

this is your world, you have the power to live in it the best way you feel comfortable. Take the risk and leave your fear behind you, kiss it goodbye.

Growing into the black woman I am today has been deeply rewarding

and I am not done just yet as

I continue flourishing.

About the Author

Talya Johnson, Virginia State University

Talya Johnson is a senior Mass Communications major at Virginia State University. She is a writer of poetry and short fiction and Editor-in-Chief of One Twenty One.

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